(Noble Command x Lost River Sanfield)

One of the Oldest Morgan Horse Breeding Programs

Kohler Stables has been producing National and World Champion Morgan Horses in Wisconsin for more than 50 years. From the record-setting Park Saddle, Harness, and In Hand performances of Vigilmarch and Noble Flaire, to the Reining Champion HVK Command, to the elegant Kohler Four-in-Hand, this is a program of diversity and leadership dedicated to the advancement of the Morgan Horse. We invite you to view our Morgan horses for sale, Morgan mares, and Morgan geldings.

The Morgan Horse that Chooses You…

The Morgan Horse is easily recognized by a proud carriage and upright graceful neck, blended with athleticism and stamina. They are a long-lived, healthy breed and well known for being easy keepers. Morgans excel in virtually all disciplines. They are a premier Carriage horse worldwide, used for Combined Driving, Competitive Trail and Endurance riding, Eventing, working Western events, Dressage, all show ring disciplines, and as an excellent friend and companion. Reliable, loyal, and versatile, a Morgan exists to please their people. Their many attributes justify why the Morgan Horse is known as “The Pride and Product of America”.

Kohler Stables

1140 Lower Falls Road, Kohler, WI 53044